Philosophizeme: Technoethics Through Cinema

Hi everyone! After a long break, Philosophizeme is finally back!
Bringing interesting philosophical discussion through cinema.

This time we will be delving into the THE ETHICS OF SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, or better known as TECHNOETHICS.

Science and Technology greatly affects our everyday lives, yet we rarely question its ethical significants. In an age where technological advancement is happening faster and faster, ethical and moral boundries are constantly being pushed to their limits. Is technology a force of good or evil? How does scientific and technological progress affect our ethical view? Can conventional morality still be applied in the modern technological world?

From nuclear bombs to climate change, history shows that unchecked, technology can be a serious threat. How will todayโ€™s own technological advancement shape the future? Social media, artificial intelligence, and gene editing, are but a few of the technologies today that may affect our lives in the future, if not already.

Discussion in Philosophizeme will be conducted in popular approaches in hope that those of you who initially are not interested in philosophy finally will fall in love with it!

Venue: Paviliun 28
Date/Time: Saturday, 9th Feb 2019, 14:00

“Man armed with science is like a baby with a box of matches” – J.B.S. Haldane