Today is Secret Movie Saturday from Home!

Welcome to Secret Movie Saturday from Home! Please read this article carefully

Our selector of the day is Bhratyadhikara Pradhana, a filmmaker/film lover with a hidden love towards Western cinema. We need your commitment to actually see the film before entering the latter discussion. The topic of the day is Western Films. The Western is a genre of various arts which tell stories set primarily in the later half of the 19th century in the American Old West, often centering on the life of a nomadic cowboy or gunfighter armed with a revolver and a rifle who rides a horse.

Cowboys and gunslingers typically wear Stetson hats, bandannas, spurs, cowboy boots and buckskins. Other characters include Native Americans, bandits, lawmen, bounty hunters, outlaws, mounted cavalry, settlers and townsfolk. So, what are we going to see today?

The Shooting, a film by Monte Hellman (1966)

“In this eerie, existential western directed by Monte Hellman (Two-Lane Blacktop, 1971) and written by Carole Eastman (Five Easy Pieces), Warren Oates and Will Hutchins play a bounty hunter and his sidekick who are talked by a mysterious woman (Millie Perkins) into leading her into the desert on a murkily motivated revenge mission. Things are further complicated by the addition to their crew of an enigmatic drifter (Jack Nicholson) who seems to delight in sadistically toying with the two men. Hellman’s singular odyssey is a vision of the weird old west unlike any other, a spare and challenging work leading to a provocative ending.” -Criterion

Why the film is essential will be discussed later after the screening. Here’s our schedule:

16:00 – 17:30 Screening of The Shooting (available here)

17:45 – 18:15 Discussion at Zoom (click here) – please be on time! (also, respect others by turning on your video all the time)

Enjoy the movie and see you at the discussion!

How to watch:

  1. Organize your space as comfortable as it could be

  2. Go to TUBI website or apps and search for The Shooting is 100% legal & free

  3. Enjoy the film

See you at the discussion! Zoom meeting link here