Secret Movie Saturday: The Religious Horror

Welcome to October, the month of HORROR! This time we’ll deep dive into Religious Horror, a subgenre of Horror that relies on presenting the motifs of a real-life religion as fact within the story’s universe, in Hollywood movies, that religion is Christianity, because that’s the only religion that they acknowlege. Satan is the Big Bad in a typical Religious Horror story, although he’s rarely shown.

Don’t forget to bring your cross, tasbih or any other exorcism tools. Check out the list here:

A screening and a casual, fun discussion will be the main course at this meetup. The movie remains SECRET until the showtime! Curious? You should!

Register via Livelife to get seat priority (pay in advance):

• Those who don’t show up until 4pm will be automatically transferred to the waitlist
• Those who didn’t show up at 2 of previous meetups will be transferred to the waitlist
• Seat availability for the waitlist is subject to studio capacity

No-show and same-day cancellation is not cool!