Secret Movie Saturday: The Korean New Wave

For this month Secret Movie Saturday, we have chosen the topic of KOREAN NEW WAVE cinema.

“The turn of the millennium brought with it an explosively creative renaissance of the cinema of South Korea. Spearheaded by a vanguard of auteurs, this reinvention of a long-moribund film industry was met with wild acclaim on the festival circuit. The modus operandi of these filmmakers was to rework a wealth of diverse influences, synthesizing the styles of both international art cinema and commercial B-movies to fashion something completely fresh. The result was a genre-shattering “Korean New Wave,” whose formidable imaginative vision and stylistic inventiveness have scarcely been matched.” -Doc Films, Univ. Chicago.

Hosts: Mario Lengkey and Leo Irawan from Jakarta Cinema Club

Paviliun 28, 19 January 2019, 16:00

Our list of the Korean New Wave Cinema: click here

A screening and a casual, fun discussion will be the main course at this meetup. The movie remains SECRET until the showtime! Curious? You should!

• Those who don’t show up until 4pm will be automatically transferred to the waitlist
• Those who didn’t show up at 2 of previous meetups will be transferred to the waitlist
• Seat availability for the waitlist is subject to studio capacity

No-show and same-day cancellation is not cool!