Sinemafeminis: Beyond Consent

Let’s start the year by examining how we went in the past year. “Sinema Feminis” first emerged in January 2018 by asking an important question: Is feminism still relevant? The answer was obviously yes. Under the spirit of #MeToo, we highlighted the case of sexual violence that is still prevalent in today’s society, particularly towards girls and women. With that in mind, almost unanimously, we understood the importance of consent in sexual activities.

But, is consent enough? In 2018 we saw worrying trend of misusing the concept of consent in dealing with sexual violence cases. Almost exactly one year ago, we witnessed the entire Aziz Ansari fiasco with an anonymous woman’s account accusing him of sexual violence. In Ansari’s defense, the act had been consensual. Late 2018, Irish feminists went enraged as a rape victim’s underwear was produced in court as a proof that she’d consented to the harm done to her. Of course, we haven’t even delved further into the case of Agni from UGM and the fact that there are still people who believe that she somewhat must have wanted it.

It is timely that now we have an open discussion about what consent is and more importantly, what it is not. Surely, it is not a justification for rape. Let’s discuss further in our event below:

Topic: Beyond Consent
Date: Saturday, 12 January 2019
Venue: Kenobi Space, Gedung Colony Kemang, lt. 6
18.30 – 18.45: Teaser of “Invisible Hopes” and Q & A with director Tiar Simorangkir
18.45 – 20.15: Movie screening
20.15 – 21.45: Discussion with Vivi Widyawati (Perempuan Mahardhika) and Anastasia Sijabat (Jakarta Cinema Club)

Warning: The film is rated R and includes some rape and gore scenes.

Discussion will be held in Bahasa Indonesia.