Secret Movie Saturday: The Punk Queer

An important aspect of punk is creating explicitly outward identities of sexuality. Everything that’s normally supposed to be hidden due to the society’s suppression is brought to the front. Punk queer films represent the momentary sexual liberation that defies morale and order, poking on the toxic masculinity that had prevented the macho protagonists to be fully free. These films usually climax in a homoerotic/homosexual encounter between the protagonists that remains unspoken for the rest of the film, disrupting the rigid concept of sexuality.

Notable auteurs include Gus Van Sant and Derek Jarman. Check out the list here:

A screening and a casual, fun discussion will be the main course at this meetup. The movie remains SECRET until the showtime! Curious? You should!

• Those who don’t show up until 4pm will be automatically transferred to the waitlist
• Those who didn’t show up at 2 of previous meetups will be transferred to the waitlist
• Seat availability for the waitlist is subject to studio capacity

No-show and same-day cancellation is not cool!