Sinemafeminis: Anarcha Feminism

Anarcha-feminism believes that without a complete restructurization of the society through abolishing the government and creating a voluntary cooperative society, patriarchy won’t be dismantled. This is at odds with mainstream feminism today where we usually depend on policies created by the government to protect women. How will feminism thrive without governments? Even further, how will we organize as a society without any form of hierarchy? Let’s discuss about it this Friday in the newest ‘Sinemafeminis’ session.

Prior to the discussion, we will watch Daisies (1966) by Věra Chytilová, one of the pioneers of Czech New Wave. This movie was banned by the communist Czech government at that time, attributing their fear to the anarchist virtues the two young women seemed to champion. Critics have also debated whether Chytilová had intended to support anarchism and feminism in the movie. Piqued your interest? Details below.

Topic: Anarcha-Feminism

Date: Friday, 14 December 2018

Venue: Kenobi Space, Gedung Colony Kemang, lt. 6.

Movie: Daisies (1966)

18.30 – 20.00 : Movie screening
20.00 – 21.30 : Discussion with Sisi Wahyuni (Kolektif Kembang Kantil) and Anastasia Sijabat (Jakarta Cinema Club)